This page uses the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS*S) and Performance Indicators

for students and applies 21st Century Learning and tools.

The examples below should be used as a guide for schools to develop their own local 21st Century Curriculum.

NETS Standard 1:

Creativity and Innovation

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and practices using technology.


Other Web 2.0 Tools
a apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.

X-Timeline (create a timeline online)

Stripgenerator (develop online comic strips)
b. create original works as a means of personal or group expression.

  • Integrate Music and Religion - Create 'Stomp' video (see lesson plan and video example)
c. use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues.

Use Fluxtime to illustrate a process (i.e. How the Heart Works, How to Multiply Fractions) click for example

d. identify trends and forecast possibilities

NETS Standard 2:

Communication and Collaboration

Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others. Students:

Other Web 2.0 Tools
a. interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.

Develop contents for any subject area and publish online click for example using Glogster

b. communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats.

Write and record a 'rap' to learn about Spanish tenses. Click for example

c. develop cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with learners of other cultures.
  • Participate in an online 'Project by Jen' interactive event with classrooms around world.
  • Engage families to contribute to online digital project Click for digital Flat Stanley
Work collaboratively to create a glogster project about different Spanish cultures.
Share stories, ideas, content with another classroom via Skype. Click for example
Sign-up to participate in an online project with another school.
d. contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve problems.

Reflect on literature or religious topics