21st Century Learners today need to be culturally aware and participate in a projects that teach them about different cultures. We can also participate in projects where we share information with other cultures

Get to know your neighbors by watching this video from the 'Miniature Earth' project (http://www.miniature-earth.com/):

1. Projects by Jen
This site offers simple one-day 'projects' for students in grades K - 6. The projects are creative learning experiences for all content areas that integrate technology by 'comparing' your classroom 'results' to those around the world.

2. Global Connections
This link is a collaborative NING. It gives you a listing of schools / classrooms around the world looking for 'partner' classrooms. Also, valuable information about collaboration.

Other Links:

The importance of exposing students to "Global" issues and interactive projects is far easier and more critical in this world of Web 2.0 and 21st century learners. This page will list interactive projects that have a Global or international component:

The Center for Engineering and Science in Education

The Global Project-Based Learning Directory

Miniature Earth

The Global Education Collaborative

Jenuine Tech.com